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National Academy Of Inventors

Fellows Department Year
Andersson, Leif Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology 2017
Barteau, Mark A. Chemical Engineering 2018
Floudas, Christodoulos A.* Chemical Engineering 2015
Hipwell, M. Cynthia Mechanical Engineering 2018
Junkins, John L. Aerospace Engineering 2016
Pettigrew, Roderic I. Engineering Health (EnHealth) 2018
Prockop, Darwin J. Institute for Regenerative Medicine 2014
Russell, Jr., B. Don Electrical Engineering 2014
Scully, Marlan O. Physics and Astronomy 2015
Senior Members Department Year
Haridas, Balakrishna Biomedical Engineering 2019
Balog, Robert Electrical & Computer Engineering 2019
Benden, Mark Environmental and Occupational Health 2018
Gomer, Richard H. Biology 2018
Grunlan, Jaime C. Mechanical Engineering 2018
Maitland, Duncan J. Biomedical Engineering 2018
Miles, Richard Aerospace Engineering 2018
Safe, Stephen H. Molecular & Cellular Medicine 2018